How Muslim Are We?

As my last blog post pointed out, President Obama appears to be reaching out to Muslims on a false pretense.  Muslims need not necessarily be our enemies (except the ones who have taken that title to themselves); yet, Muslim is clearly not our identity either.  I cannot see how to make advances in relationships by acting as though we are something we are not.  President Obama’s claim that we are a Muslim nation is patently false.  The folks over at Get Religion have a great article about the falsity of the President’s claim and failure of the media to get the main point in the Muslim story.  Check it out here.

About Greg Cochran

A pastor, professor, and advocate for the persecuted church, I want to encourage us to love Christ's church as He does and give ourselves for her. My official title is Director of the Bachelor of Applied Theology program in the School of Christian Ministries at California Baptist University. However, my heart beats as a pastor. Genuine biblical shepherds are my heroes. Together, we can encourage both shepherds and the sheep.

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