Speaking of Making It Up

It appears Mr. Romney is making up more good news.  On several occasions (on Meet the Press and in his infamous Faith Speech), Mitt Romney said that he “saw” his dad march with Martin Luther King, Jr.  Of course, by “saw” he meant “sort of saw in the sense of figurative support for civil rights.”  Dictionary references aside, it appears that Mitt Romney lied.  Anderson Cooper on CNN has documented this incident.  He likens Romney’s fabrications and “definitions” to a former President famous for such maneuvers.  There was even a video on You Tube where Cooper calls Romney’s actions a Clinton impersonation; that video has since been removed from You Tube.  Still, (for now), you can read the true account of Mitt’s false tales right here.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Making It Up

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  1. Whoa! Let’s back up there! I’m sure this was an “oversight” on your part, rather than a lie, but truth is Mr. Cooper DID NOT make this statement. (Oh, horror of horrors!) This comment was made by none other than Roland Martin.

    Mr. Martin may take sides, however, Anderson Cooper 360 doesn’t. Perhaps you had best check your facts before you condemn the wrong person for telling an untruth.

    Keeping Them Honest !



  2. Mags, I don’t remember saying that Anderson Cooper was taking sides. In fact, my post doesn’t attribute any statements directly to Anderson Cooper. What I said about Anderson Cooper is that he likened Mitt’s definitions to a former president’s. He did do this on his CNN show. I’m sorry the video was removed from You Tube, or you would be able to see and hear it for yourself. So, I did not misrepresent any facts. No oversights either. Thanks for keeping them honest.


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