Bloated Cow’s Milk

I have not commented thus far on the ridiculous notion of Obama’s “stimulus” package.  I don’t want to confuse anyone about the importance of the gospel.  Truly, the gospel and the work of the kingdom transcend politics.  We are about to be railroaded into socialism, and socialism is not good for anyone (except those in power); it certainly is not good for Christian believers.  So, here goes a comment on the bloated bill from Obama.

Not only is this bill a bloated cow from which democratic cronies alone can get milk (folks like Acorn and Planned Parenthood), but the bill truly is a huge step toward socialism in America.  I mean this comment both fiscally and authoritatively.  Fiscally, as I said, the bill will be a stimulus only if you depend on the government.  For everyone else, the bill is a de-stimulating, oppressive mess of government intervention.

Even more to the point of faith, however, this bill (as is often true w/ big government money) is targeted against Christians.  There is a provision in the bill which says you can spend billions at your university only if the buildings do not allow religious worship services.  Senator DeMint attempted to amend this section of the bill, but the democrats voted down his amendment; discrimination is still in the bill against people of faith. 

I have linked here an action forum from Newt Gingrich and the American Family Association.  You can contact your senators and congressmen and ask them to oppose such pathetic politicking and covert socialism.  If that first link doesn’t work, try this one.

2 thoughts on “Bloated Cow’s Milk

  1. Yes, the bill is bloated and ridiculous and I think it is just wrong to ask our grandchildren to pay back money that we borrowed for our comfort…crazy. I am beginning to wonder if we should require all government leaders to get a degree in economics before being qualified for office. There does not seem to be one single person who can “do the math” in D.C.


  2. I think you are right about the non-math types in D. C. Apparently, they cannot calculate numbers of dollars; they only add numbers of votes. What is clear, however, is that calling this bill an economic stimulus package is like calling a science fair a microscope. I mean, there is only the thinnest connection imaginable between this bill and economic stimulus, unless you are planned parenthood or Acorn.


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