No Good Reason

Yesterday, I posted that the Obama decision to re-fund human embryonic stem cell research was a decision that lacked both scientific and democratic integrity.  I was right.  However, I did not know the extent to how right my analysis would turn out to be.

Over at Secondhand Smoke, there is an article today that points out that Obama did more than fund embryonic stem cell research.  He also rescinded a Bush executive order which ordered that other methods of stem cell research be funded. 

So, Obama decided to waste taxpayer dollars on research that has provided ZERO promise so far, and–at the same time–he took away taxpayer funding from the stem cell research that has ALREADY proved successful in treating 73 diseases.

See this post for reasons Obama might have made such a foolish funding turnabout.  For my part, I think he is radically pro-abortion, and he desperately wants to justify abortion.

One thought on “No Good Reason

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