We Shall See… but…

In the post yesterday, I reported that several groups were hoping Obama would use his audience with the Muslim world to confront Islamic oppression of other religions, particularly Christianity.  Today, there is an interview with Obama from a French television station that makes it seem unlikely that Obama will confront human rights abuses in the Islamic world.  Instead, according to this interview, he will point to our “outreach” to Iran and to the fact that America is one of the largest Muslim nations as a means of encouraging peace in the Middle East and around the world.  Aside from the fact that America is not a Muslim nation–much less one of the largest–Obama appears to believe that the problem regarding American-Islamic relations is a lack of education in America (and in the west) concerning Islam. 

In all candor, many Americans appear to me to understand Islam perfectly well, perhaps even better than President Obama.  The problem is not that we don’t understand Islam but that Islam has a violent history of killing any who do not embrace it.  If that is not true Islam, then the true Muslims have a great deal of work to do to demonstrate the veracity of that claim because the voice of Islam (regardless of whether it is the “true” Islam or not) is terror. 

As I reported yesterday, 7 of the 10 countries with the worst records of human rights abuses–including persecution–are Muslim countries.  It seems to me that the onus of responsibility is on Islamic nations to demonstrate whether true Islam is peaceful or not.  Lecturing the West on its need for better Islamic education and making concessions to Iran do not seem to be serious attempts to deal with persecution, terror, and oppression.  Maybe Obama’s speech tomorrow will be more encouraging than this interview.  We shall see.

What do you think?

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