Today’s Nightmare

Wow! As though you needed another nightmare, today a story came out about 30 “religious leaders” urging healthcare reform as a national priority.  If by reform they meant tort reform or something of that nature, I would almost agree.  The truth is healthcare in the U.S. is outstanding.  The last thing we need is the government monkeying around with it.  Once the government is done with reform, we will then have a genuine healthcare crisis.  We do not have a crisis now.  I repeat, we do not have a crisis now.  77% of Americans are satisfied with their current level of health coverage.  Survey those living in Great Britain or Canada, and you will find that they actually do have a crisis.  They are not satisfied with their healthcare.  Why?  Government. 

I am frustrated that 30 “religious leaders” are given credibility to speak for all religions.  The group is only 30, and they are all liberal, non-evangelical groups.  They are now joining a movement which is a multi-generational boondoggle with oppression written all over it.  Please stop listening to these “religious leaders.”  They are no more helpful than “political leaders.”  (See the video below for another argument against government healthcare).

[Maybe we should label these “religious leaders” as fundamentalist extremists and decry their attempts to merge church and state]

What do you think?

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