The Obama Brigade

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know I am a little sensitive to Nazism these days.  I have been preparing a lecture on Nazi Euthanasia and its implications for us which I am giving tonight at 6:30 at the government center in Shepherdsville.  So, I am a little sensitive about modern affinities with the Nazi past.

But I came upon what I think is a stunning piece of legislation.  I have not heard about it before; so, I am thinking that I must be missing something.  Is this just some fantastic internet scare tactic?  According to the Voice, Obama’s ridiculous youth brigade idea is also radically anti-faith, anti-Christian, and anti-constitutional.  In other words, Obama’s youth brigade is as radical as… well, I don’t even need to say it.  Why in the heck are we funding a youth brigade anyway?

Feel free to read the story here and do some follow up investigation. (There are links to pdf files in the comment section below the story). 

I cannot believe this is real.  Someone help us set the record straight.  Surely, Obama isn’t seriously restricting young people receiving government help from attending worship services or Christian schools.

4 thoughts on “The Obama Brigade

  1. I haven’t read it in great detail, but from a brief look at the pertinent sections, it appears the article you reference may be guilty of sensationalizing a bit. If you compare the text of the legislation with the current law (passed in 1990, you can read it at there doesn’t seem to be any significant change. Notice particularly Sec. 132 (page 41 in the PDF document). This seems like The Voice has taken one issue certainly worth discussing (the role of federal money in faith-based programs and the legitimacy of a National Service Program) and sensationalized it as though the government is prohibiting young people from attending worship or practicing their faith. But then again, the legislation is a 364 page PDF file and I obviously had other things to do today than scour through it with a fine tooth comb.


  2. Thanks, Derrick. I had a feeling it may have been over the top, but it may be a fair warning yet, as you point out. I, too, could not take the time to look into it further. But thanks for going above and beyond the call to get us the information.


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