Obama’s School Speech (Reprise)

Yesterday, I linked what I thought was the most balanced response to the mild controversy of Obama addressing school children.  Dr. Mohler’s points are very well made, particularly his explanations of why folks were not unreasonable to fear socialistic undertones in the matter.  Obama’s administration did send out troubling signals.

I know it wasn’t a very big deal, and I know it is time to leave the matter behind. But I still have a lingering question about the matter.  What does this say (if anything) about the role of local school boards?  My concern in this matter is that the Federal government is not responsible for schools and should not be seen as being “over” the schools.  Obama is not our “Educator in Chief,” and, in fact, we have no educator in chief. 

Unfortunately, the issue is over-politicized, just as it was by Democrats back when GW Bush gave an address to school children (see this story).  There are legitimate concerns, though.  For years, the Federal government has increased its grip on public schools through its distribution of funds and its implementation of laws.  Are we sliding toward pictures of the chairman in each classroom?  I’m kind of glad alarms went off, and I hope they do next time, too.

What do you think?

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