Breaking: ‘We Don’t Need to Know Anything’ – By Kathryn Jean Lopez – The Corner – National Review Online

Breaking: ‘We Don’t Need to Know Anything’ – By Kathryn Jean Lopez – The Corner – National Review Online.

The blog post above by Kathryn Jean Lopez gives the latest update from Lila Rose and the Live Action campaign for women.  Many of you have seen the video from the New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic in which child prostitution and sexual slavery were overlooked as inconsequential side effects of the abortion industry.  Now, the number of clinics visited is up to 6.  The latest clinic in Bronx, NY, is every bit as compliant as the New Jersey one.  It gives the appearance that Planned Parenthood is OK with 13 year old girls being bought as slaves from Asia and then brought here to work as prostitutes.  There is no concern for health, for women, for decency….  There is the lone, overriding concern: get rid of the baby.

How do we get to a point in which it is ok to sell 13 year-old girls to pimps who will farm them out to grown men for a few dollars profit? Is this really what sexual freedom is about?  Is this really an issue of “women’s health?”  If the latest video from a Planned Parenthood clinic is any indication, the health of women (and little girls) is not much of a concern.  Vomiting really should be the first response to this mess.  Then, we must engage the battle to stop killing babies in America. It leads only to a further devaluing of the very women it was supposed to help. Indeed, it devalues all human life.

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