What’s Wrong with Animal Rights?

My daughter told me of an ad she saw which encouraged dog owners to get their dogs a massage this Holiday season in order to help the dogs deal with the stress.  To say that we have gone too far in treating animals like humans is to say only what is obvious.  It could all be funny–conjuring up images of Marmaduke on a table in a towel.  Yet, Wesley Smith has chronicled just how serious the insanity has become.  His upcoming book covers the problem in detail, but this blog post will give you an idea of what we are up against.  Even more, Smith warns of how terror is growing in the animal rights movement, thereby causing important research to be left undone.

Scooby-Do Deductions

Wesley J. Smith at First Things has a great post concerning proposed legislation to offer tax deductions for your pets and for the expense of pet ownership.  Ostensibly, the reasoning behind the bill is to help pet owners afford their pets during a down economy, thereby not abandoning them (and thus causing further expense for animal shelters, etc).  Smith rightly frames the issue as one of human exceptionalism, and he rightly calls for a clear line to be maintained between children and pets.  Offering the same deductions for your pets as for your children inevitably sends the wrong message–that the dog really is a member of the family in the same sense as the child.  Only human beings are created in the image of God.  And families are comprised of parents and children.

Kudos for the Kids

The story linked here is just crazy.  The kids are the ones in the story who make the most sense.  They were in a program which allowed them to learn all aspects of farm life.  Apparently, they caught on too well.  When they realized that some basic bartering could net them a few pigs, they decided to slaughter the lamb.  Now, it seems, all of England is up in arms over the little lamb.  The kids have it all figured out.  Maybe they will be able to help the adults learn a lesson.  This is one time it would be better for the kids to win the battle of the lamb.