New Ideas Aren’t New

As is often the case, someone comes up with a new idea that is going to alter humanity and forever redirect our course for the good.  The healthcare bill is an example of such a hope-filled new idea.  However, the healthcare bill contains within it some very old ideas, too, such as the idea that abortion is necessary for the health of a nation or a people.  That idea is not new.  Pharaoh thought it was necessary for the midwives to kill all the sons of Hebrew women–3,500 years ago (See Exodus 1).  More recently, Margaret Sanger thought it was necessary to kill black children for the good of America (See here).  Planned Parenthood (which arose from the work of Margaret Sanger) still targets blacks and minorities (See here).  So, these new “progressive” ideas aren’t new.  They aren’t good either.  It is never good or healthy for a people to kill their offspring.  It never will be good.

Impact of Abortion

Blacks and the impact of abortion

Dr. Alveda King here  and

Bishop Harry Jackson here have spoken out against abortion because of the way that it affects the African American population.


These two outspoken opponents of abortion are not completely off-base in asserting a black genocide as a result of abortion.  When one researches the history of abortion, he finds a clear link with the same eugenics movement which drove the Nazi machine in its lust for a pure race of men.  Margaret Sanger was clearly racist and a purist when it comes to birth control and abortion.  Much more study needs to be done in this area, but there are indications that the black community is adversely and disproportionately affected by abortion.