Should Beheaded Christians Be Called Martyrs?

A good and thoughtful friend of mine recently asked whether I thought journalist James Foley should be called a martyr. In general, the question would be whether American journalists who profess to be Christians are martyrs when they are killed in Muslim lands. I am actually uncomfortable asking and answering such questions while the matter... Continue Reading →

Bonhoeffer Is Not a Martyr

On behalf of Project 13:3 and on behalf of the persecuted church around the world, I delivered an address this afternoon at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. This year, the meeting is being held in Milwaukee, WI. The paper I delivered was titled "Bonhoeffer, the Bible, and Christian Persecution: Unraveling the... Continue Reading →

Bonhoeffer Not a Martyr

I got into a little back and forth yesterday over at Justin Taylor's blog concerning Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  While Bonhoeffer was laudable in some respects, he should not be afforded the title martyr for the simple reason that he was not persecuted as a Christian.  His suffering occurred as a result of his political actions against... Continue Reading →

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