Dasani Immorality

You won’t believe this, but it is true.  You can read this article for yourself from the London Telegraph.  Drinking bottled water is immoral.  Bottled water is immoral because it has the same destructive impact on the environment as driving a car for a mile or so.

More astonishing than this lunacy is the audacity of the government official who argues that we must band together to stygmatize Dasani, Aquafina, and Perrier.  He has in mind a moral rally similar to the one the government enacted against smoking.

The real scare here is that morality is defined by the government and popular opinion.  No doubt, these government do-gooders are glad to have left behind the archaic Christian puritanism of days gone by, but they are all too happy to impose a much more restrictive and arbitrary morality of their own making.  Instead of stygmatizing homosexuality and adultery (those now being fashionable) these gov-do-gooders are ready to stygmatize–if not criminalize–Dasani.  I think I’d rather have an infinite God of wisdom and love and justice define morality than a moronic mass of government gurus.