Are Christians Persecuted in America?

Kudos to K.A. Ellis, a Ph.D. candidate at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Her recent article in Christianity Today demonstrates a thoughtful and insightful response to the oft-repeated question of whether Christians in the U.S. are “really” suffering persecution. Ellis points out that Christians around the world—including those in hotspots like Syria and the... Continue Reading →

Should Christians Flee Persecution?

In June of 1982, The Clash released (on Cassette) their only song to reach #1, the punk rock classic, “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” The song was neither toward nor about anyone in particular. Its staying power rests on its ability to speak to so many situations in general. It even speaks (in... Continue Reading →

What Should a Christian Think About 2016 the Movie?

  Reviewing the various articles about 2016: The Movie leaves one wondering what we ought to think about Dinesh D'Souza's recent portrayal of our President.  NPR thinks it's the work of a Right-Wing political hack (which D'Souza is not. He is a principled conservative with a compelling argument, whether he is correct or not). ABC... Continue Reading →

CT Catches Up With Us on Immigration

You will be glad to read this article from Christianity Today.  Basically, it says that our position on immigration should be heard.  As you read the CT article, you will hear many of the concerns which I wrote about not so long ago.  Several of you mentioned to me that you read and enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

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