A Simple Thank You

I know Thanksgiving is over, and now it is Christmas. So, I am a little late saying, ‘Thank-you.” But I will make it up by offering you a present. The present probably won’t be ready by Christmas, but you have my word that you will get it.

I am in the process of publishing two books in the coming year. I don’t know exactly how or where these books will be published, Persecution in Americabut, Lord willing, they will be published this coming year.

I am writing this post to thank you for subscribing to and reading my blog. I really appreciate your visiting this blog. I hope that you are informed and challenged and, especially, encouraged by some of what you read here. I hope that this blog improves your mind and your thinking–even when you need to disagree.

I am pledging to make the book available to you first. I will give away as many free copies as possible, and I will keep all of you in mind when I do. I would love to give the book to all of you for free, but we will have to see what the publishers say about that! I will do all I can to get it into your hands (or on your Kindles).  Thank you for reading my blog.

P.S. I will be writing on Christian persecution in America. Let me know if you are interested in such a book.

Why Jesus Cares for the Persecuted (and we should, too) – Video

When we began Project 13:3 as a ministry to the persecuted church, we ran the idea by some friends to get their input.

Below is a video of a conversation I had with a very good friend of mine, Jeff Mooney. Dr. Mooney is a Professor of Old Testament at California Baptist University. The video below is Part 1 in a series of videos which discuss what the Bible teaches about persecution.  The videos also explain the need for a ministry like Project 13:3.

I would love to get more input from some of you. I will post more videos in the future, and I will pass along your criticisms and comments to our video editors for future work we are planning to do. Please let us know if the videos are helpful and what could make them better. Thanks!