Abortion and the Death Penalty: Is There Any Consistency to a Pro-Life Position?

  The charge is often leveled that Pro-life Christians are inconsistent in their position on protecting the sanctity of human life. On the one hand, Pro-lifers are quick to pronounce a "fetus" a human life worthy of protection, while, on the other hand, they will pronounce a murderer worthy of death and say that the... Continue Reading →

A Mind to Sin

When you read 1 Samuel 22, you can’t help but to think to yourself, “How in the world can Saul be so blind?”  Saul, who was appointed king by popular demand of the people so that they could have a king like the rest of the nations around them, confronts the priest Ahimelech about whether... Continue Reading →

Perilous cures after Tucson–Michael A. Walsh – NYPOST.com

"Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) wants to ban speech that "threatens" public officials in the interests of "toning down the rhetoric." Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) wants to reinstate the so-called Fairness Doctrine to regulate talk radio. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) plans to introduce a law banning the carrying of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a... Continue Reading →


When murder is committed, the person responsible is a murderer.  Murderers ought to be sentenced to death.  When one takes a life, he gives his own in return to demonstrate that human life is of such a high value that life is the only penalty for life.  Human beings are created in the image of God. ... Continue Reading →

Absent from Mainstream Media

You will not see this story on the mainstream outlets, but it is fantastic.  You will be encouraged. I had forgotten about the work going on at Angola.  I used to read about it back home in Louisiana.  I have an interest in prison ministry and used to do that in Louisiana.  This story concerning... Continue Reading →

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