God and Money

What happens when a theologian crosses paths with an economist? It sounds like a bad joke. But the question is pertinent, considering that a new book is on the horizon which combines clear theology with sound economic principles. One of the benefits of attending ETS in Milwaukee was hearing Wayne Grudem defend this thesis: "God... Continue Reading →

Fascinating Financial View

Islamic economics is not a conversation too many of us have had.  This doesn't mean it isn't important, and it doesn't mean everyone is ignoring it.  Hats off to the Heritage Center for teaming up with Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo for this fascinating look at the relatively recent phenomenon of Islamic economics: Sharia Finance.  Check out... Continue Reading →

God or Government

We typically ask about the relationship between God and government. It may be that the issue is God or government.  As it turns out, the more dependent people become on the government, the more ungodly they become.  To put the matter another way, faith in government diminishes faith in God.  A recent article spells out... Continue Reading →

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