Vegetable Distinction

I am sure you have heard of this story by now, but it is worth considering the case of the Belgian Rom Houben’s incredible recovery.  Actually, if you know the case, then you know that he has been aware of his surroundings all along.  For 23 years, he has been called a vegetable by the experts; yet, he has been aware of conversations about him, aware that his father passed away.  His body simply would not allow him to respond in any way.  Now, an expert has devised a way for him to respond.  For 23 years, the doctors were wrong about calling him a vegetable (PVS).  How many others were misdiagnosed?  Terri Schiavo?  Could we please decide from this point forward to call (and treat) humans, humans.  Call vegetables, vegetables.

The Side of Life

You simply must watch the story of Haleigh Poutre.  I dare you to watch it without crying.  I didn’t make it through.  The story is so great in showing the will of a child to live.  Of course, it has a much darker side in that her life has been robbed of so much because of an abusive stepfather.  One clear point of the story is that the diagnosis of “persistent vegetative state” is not always to be trusted.  Err on the side of life.  God help us to learn this lesson.  Watch the story