Good News for Freedom

I just read that Geert Wilders has been acquitted of his hate speech charges for voicing his opinions about Islam.  This is good news for the whole world.  If you haven’t followed the story, or you are not aware of its importance, see here or here or even here.

Philosophy and Science

I have linked a blog post here which is fascinating on a number of levels.  It concerns philosophy and, granted, has some difficult, abstract concepts imbedded in it.  However, on a more substantial level, the blog post exposes a growing recognition that Christian theism provides a strong framework for science.  Science has become secularized and believes itself to be freed from God.  However, good men like Alvin Plantinga are working to show that science has taken the wrong turn in turning away from God.  Specifically, Plantinga argues (in this post) that Christian theism is not incompatible with science (or with evolution) but that naturalism actually is incompatible with science (and with evolution).

This blog post is a record of a debate between Daniel Dennett and Alvin Plantinga.  Apparently, Plantinga was the serious thinker in the debate.  Notice that the guy blogging the debate insists on remaining anonymous because his career would be threatened if other secularist scholars figured out that he had admitted publicly that Plantinga rocked the debate.  So much for “free” thinking in our universities!   Read it for yourself.