9 Reasons to Watch the 2014 World Cup

Should Christians Watch the World Cup? The short answer (for me) is “Yes.” Whatever we do, we do all to the glory of God.  Can the 2014 FIFA World Cup be watched to the glory of God?  Each Christian will want to answer that question for himself.  As for me, I have answered the question... Continue Reading →

A Tale of 3 Men

The first man is Adam.  He is called this in the Bible (Genesis 2:20; Romans 5:14).  This man introduced sin into the world.  God immediately called him to account for his sin.  Adam was to be the steward over all of creation.  All of creation was under him.  So, when he fell, it all fell... Continue Reading →

Should Christians Watch the World Cup?

Should Christians Watch the World Cup? The short answer to the question is “Yes,” provided that we want to and that we can watch it to the glory of God.  Whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, we must do all to the glory of God.  Of course, the issue is whether or not... Continue Reading →

The Limits of Sin

Reading through Genesis 3 leaves the impression that sin is essentially explained in that chapter.  The first sin of the race offers the framework by which all other sin can be assessed and understood. For me, one of the most striking aspects of sin as pictured in Genesis 3 is just how limiting sin proves... Continue Reading →

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