The Supreme Court’s Back Alley Runs Through Philadelphia | The Weekly Standard

The Supreme Court’s Back Alley Runs Through Philadelphia | The Weekly Standard.

I just read this article, and it opened my eyes to the logical connection between the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 and the horrors uncovered in Philadelphia.  Most likely, there are a number of other such clinics out there, but they remain off limits because of the poor decision in 1973 and the court challenges since then which have labeled any regulations on abortion clinics as excessive burdens (and thus unconstitutional).

The supposedly medical procedure of abortion is not regulated, which means the old horror stories of back-alley butcher shops are a legalized reality in America.  In fact, what might be most disturbing about the Gosnell case in Philadelphia is all of the behavior he is NOT being punished for.  The crimes he is being charged with are related to partial birth abortion (which are heinous), but what about the conditions of the clinic? The baby parts all over the place?  The feet in jars?  Storing food and baby pieces in close proximity?  Are any of these (or the other grotesque findings from the clinic) against the law?

At first, I thought some local officials were negligent in not exercising any oversight of this horrific abortion clinic, but I am thinking now that the problem may not be that officials didn’t do anything:  The problem may be that they can’t.

Human Life the Victim of Abortion

As this article by Michelle Malkin makes painfully clear, the real victim of abortion is humanity.  This week is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in many churches, and there will be many sermons concerning abortion and other matters related to human life.  I hope that God will sober us through these sermons.

Although I understand that we should be politically active–especially when it comes to fighting off the horror of abortion, I think we need more than political action.  We need repentance.

Political action can enable pride, thereby setting us up for a fall later.  Repentance brings about sobriety which gives us a deadly serious outlook on life and a determination to stay fixed on what matters most.

What we really need is not focus groups, bipartisanship, less-heated rhetoric, or the freedom to choose.  What we need is the freedom to repent from this enslavement to death which we embraced the day we allowed abortion on demand.  May God grant us repentance so our minds can be set free, thus allowing us to discern good from evil.  (See here for further explanation).