Haiti Orphans

I have linked here a news article concerning the fate of an untold number of orphans in Haiti.  I am not sure what the final result will be, but the story speaks of children being brought in to the hospitals with no names, no record of families, and no place else to go.  I would be more than glad to take a child.  If anyone finds out how to arrange such an adoption, speak up.

A Better Response

Pat Robertson made reference today to the supposed voodoo pact that Haitians made with the devil more than a century ago.  The insinuation was clear.  Haiti deserved the judgment she got.  This seems a wrongheaded response, particularly in such a tragic time.

A much better response is offered by Dr. Mohler, who asks whether God hates Haiti.  Dr. Mohler answers the question by stating that God hates sin.  Our response to tragedy is not to say that God must hate those who suffer; rather, our response should be (as Christ taught the disciples) “do you think they were more guilty than others” (Luke 13:4).  No, there is a judgment for all men.  There is condemnation for all men.  Death will reach to all men.

The glory and goodness of God is on display in the reality that love will reach to Haiti.  God’s people will spread God’s love to Haiti.  The gospel will reach Haiti.  God’s love is being poured out now on the people of Haiti.  Making assertions that Haitians deserve God’s wrath is forgetting that we do, too.