New Ideas Aren’t New

As is often the case, someone comes up with a new idea that is going to alter humanity and forever redirect our course for the good.  The healthcare bill is an example of such a hope-filled new idea.  However, the healthcare bill contains within it some very old ideas, too, such as the idea that... Continue Reading →

Principles and Power

I am an optimist.  I know the outcome--that all things will work together for good for those who love the Lord.  So, I am an optimist.  Yet, I am not optimistic about Obamacare ever being overturned.  I hope it is.  I will support the repeal of this terribly invasive healthcare reform.  I don't think it... Continue Reading →

Consider What Congress Is Saying

I'm not an anti-government fanatic, and neither are you probably.  We understand that government has a role to play in our lives.  Government is necessary for protecting us all and for maintaining order where sin might otherwise abound.  That being said, this new Obamacare legislation is egregious.  Just think about what it is going to... Continue Reading →

The Little Ones

A song by Phil Keaggy asks, "Who will speak up for the little ones, helpless and half-abandoned?"  It seems that no Democrat in America will any longer.  When Bart Stupak caved in to pressure from the national Democratic Party earlier today, he sent the message loudly and clearly that abortion is at the heart of... Continue Reading →

Catholic Clarification

I saw a news article yesterday stating that 59,000 nuns joined together to support the Obama health care plan, which had been opposed by U.S. bishops because of its funding of abortions.  Well, today, Kathryn Jean Lopez sets the record straight for Roman Catholics.  According to this blog post from KJL, the number of signatories... Continue Reading →

Help Stop Taxpayer Abortion

I received this e-mail alert from the Family Research Council.  I forward it for your consideration.  Tuesday is the day scheduled for a Senate committee vote.  So, you may want to call today. Members of the U.S. Senate Financial Services Committee will be voting NEXT TUESDAY on amendments to keep abortion coverage out of Sen.... Continue Reading →

Ruthless Pragmatism

Bloomberg has an article based on an April interview with President Obama concerning end of life medical decisions.  In the article, Obama says that he would gladly have paid for his grandmother’s hip replacement himself; yet he found the decision for her to have a hip replacement troubling. He labeled the decision “a difficult moral... Continue Reading →

Your Healthcare

Everybody is talking about healthcare. I just wanted to share my personal conviction about the matter.  I have been guilty in the past of complaining about doctors.  Seems like whenever I go to the doctor, I spend a couple of hours waiting, spend a couple thousand dollars, get a couple of prescriptions, but still have... Continue Reading →

Hidden Victims of Obamacare

Socializing (or governmentalizing) healthcare is a bad idea.  It's just simply bad.  It undoes responsibility.  It rewards slothfulness and punishes productivity (just listen to how doctors are now being vilified).  The plan, as it stands presently, will also hurt lots of folks both financially and medically.  This piece in the Wall Street Journal exposes some... Continue Reading →

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