Early Straw Poll

Granted, it is way too early, but it is interesting to consider that Huckabee wins the straw poll.

A Pleasant Presentation

I just watched an interview with Kathy Ireland, and it was such a pleasant presentation that I had to share it with you.  Check out this video interview of Kathy Ireland by Mike Huckabee.  She is more than just a pretty face.  She is obviously intelligent, faithful, and articulate, particularly on the life issue.  I just love hearing testimonies from pleasant, joyful Christians.  Kathy Ireland is a very good model for us to consider (pun intended).

Huck’s Building Momentum

This morning on ABC, Mike Huckabee was interviewed concerning his building momentum in his bid for president.  A few conservatives have spoken against him, but specific allegations have been lacking.  The two quotes against him on ABC were by Phyllis Schlafley and Betsy Hagan, each of the Eagle Forum.  His response to them was to acknowledge that he did make folks mad while he was governor, implying that there would always be detractors when one has a strong message.  I find the comments from Betsy Hagan interesting.  She asserts that Huckabee is pro-life but then says that we ought not be surprised if he changes once he gets in office.  This is interesting to me because Huckabee has never changed on the pro-life position.  He remained firm throughout 10 years in the governor’s office.  Mitt Romney, however, has changed, and Rudy is on the other side of the issue.  It seems to me that, though it is possible–as anything is–that Huckabee might change after elected, he is the only viable candidate who can be counted on to actually be pro-life.  Sure, there is always a possibility he might change, but he never actually has.  Neither has Rudy (but he needs to).