Are People Worth More than Plants?

Are human beings exceptional? Is there something about humans which makes them intrinsically superior to dogs or ants or even poisonous stinkweed? If you saw my post yesterday, then you will already know the answer is, “Yes!”  Human beings are intrinsically of greater value than weeds and wildlife. Jesus once told His followers, “Do not... Continue Reading →

A Bug’s Life

A bug's life is now discriminatory.  Apparently, we should rename the movie and re-tool our thinking about bugs.  They aren't to be thought of as bugs, but beasts.  So, we should think of a beast's life, instead of a bug's life.  Does this sound absurd?  Good!  It means there are still human beings left on... Continue Reading →

Scooby-Do Deductions

Wesley J. Smith at First Things has a great post concerning proposed legislation to offer tax deductions for your pets and for the expense of pet ownership.  Ostensibly, the reasoning behind the bill is to help pet owners afford their pets during a down economy, thereby not abandoning them (and thus causing further expense for... Continue Reading →

Kudos for the Kids

The story linked here is just crazy.  The kids are the ones in the story who make the most sense.  They were in a program which allowed them to learn all aspects of farm life.  Apparently, they caught on too well.  When they realized that some basic bartering could net them a few pigs, they... Continue Reading →

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