CT Catches Up With Us on Immigration

You will be glad to read this article from Christianity Today.  Basically, it says that our position on immigration should be heard.  As you read the CT article, you will hear many of the concerns which I wrote about not so long ago.  Several of you mentioned to me that you read and enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

Trespassers Will Be Asked for I.D.

When I was a child, I liked to explore.  I could spend all day in the woods, catching minnows and frogs in the creek and summarily mounting them on pine bark plaques to ready them for dissection.  My friend Rick and I came across a most troubling sight one morning while trekking through the backwoods... Continue Reading →

Brown Panders

It’s pretty bad when a basketball team gets involved.  The situation out there is bleak.  We can’t seem to agree on anything anymore.  Now, even the NBA is taking a stand on the immigration issue, an issue that appears to be at the very heart of what it means to be an American. The NBA’s... Continue Reading →


Here is yet another example of irresponsible reporting (at least the headline).  In this report, however, the writers are forced to admit the obvious.  The "immigrants" mentioned in the headline are Muslim terrorists, no doubt about it.  Their intention was to kill American soldiers.  Calling them "immigrants," though I suppose it is technically true, is actually... Continue Reading →

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