Arab Spring More Like Kentucky Spring

Spring is supposed to be the time of blossoming life. Flower buds burst forth with petals gleaming white against the grassy green canvas of trees and lawns.  Purple, pink, and yellow splash throughout the portrait we call spring.  It is springtime.  But in Kentucky, spring has brought violent storms, tornadoes, and rain.  Lots of rain.... Continue Reading →

Orissa Elections

This report from the BBC lists the various regions of India which will be holding elections this Spring.  Specifically, Orissa, where violence against Christians raged last year, will be holding elections NEXT THURSDAY.  Please be in prayer for this region, as many Christian lives are at risk based on the outcome of this election. For... Continue Reading →

Islam, India, and Irresponsibility

Political correctness is killing us.  Read this story about the “chilling” confessions of the men responsible for the Mumbai murders, where 164 people were killed.  Then, notice what is missing.  There are words like “handlers” and “militants,” but there is never the slightest mention of Islam.  I wonder, were these muslims?  Did the 7 page... Continue Reading →

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