Arab Spring More Like Kentucky Spring

Spring is supposed to be the time of blossoming life. Flower buds burst forth with petals gleaming white against the grassy green canvas of trees and lawns.  Purple, pink, and yellow splash

Spring Flowers

throughout the portrait we call spring.  It is springtime.  But in Kentucky, spring has brought violent storms, tornadoes, and rain.  Lots of rain. Historic deluges of rain rarely seen in these parts since the days of Noah.  Spring is supposed to be colorful and sunny, but it has proved, instead, to be dull and rainy.

Such is the way this spring has gone in Kentucky.  But we have no reason to complain.  As bad as the weather has been around here lately, the problems we have are nothing compared to those of Christians suffering through the so-called “Arab spring.”  If we think the storm clouds are hanging low over our horizon right now, we ought to think about what is happening to our brothers and sisters throughout Arab lands.

In Egypt, where many in America were celebrating the rise of “democracy” and demanding that Mubarak resign, Christians now face a bleak future indeed.  The Muslim Brotherhood is wielding political clout like a Saif al Din, seeking to enforce Shariah law on all Egyptians, including Christians.  If you want to know how destructive Shariah law is for non-Muslims, read this Andrew McCarthy piece.  The “progress” of the Islamic direction of the “New Egypt” has Christians Coptic Christian Persecutionbegging  to leave Egypt, even though there were Christian churches in the country before Islam ever existed.  One Coptic Christian leader says that he is already receiving hundreds of calls each week from Christians trying to flee from Egypt.

Egypt isn’t alone. In Iraq, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Baghdad was bombed on Easter Sunday.  In India, more than 15,000 Christians took to the streets of Mumbai on Good Friday to protest the continuing persecution of the saints in India.  Christians in Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and other provinces have endured hundreds of violent attacks since 2008.

For a rundown of the persecution of Christians in Palestine and the Middle East, see here.  There is no shortage of persecution for Christians around the world this spring.  Even as the rain continues to fall in Kentucky, we should recall that the real storm is falling on our fellow believers in Muslim areas of the world.  The “Arab Spring” which was supposed to bring greater freedoms through the spread of democracy is turning out to be more of a Kentucky spring, where one violent storm is followed by another.

Largest Democracy

Check out this video and pray today:

Orissa Elections

This report from the BBC lists the various regions of India which will be holding elections this Spring.  Specifically, Orissa, where violence against Christians raged last year, will be holding elections NEXT THURSDAY.  Please be in prayer for this region, as many Christian lives are at risk based on the outcome of this election.

For more information, check out this blog. (Please note this is not an endorsement of any particular theological commitments found on the blog itself).

Islam, India, and Irresponsibility

Political correctness is killing us.  Read this story about the “chilling” confessions of the men responsible for the Mumbai murders, where 164 people were killed.  Then, notice what is missing.  There are words like “handlers” and “militants,” but there is never the slightest mention of Islam.  I wonder, were these muslims?  Did the 7 page confession mention Islam?  Here is another story which does what most Western media is unable to do—tells the truth about the incident.  The truth is chilling, but the mainstream media reporting on it is dangerously lukewarm.  You must read this explanation of the events in India.