Films Don’t Kill, Islamic Militants Kill

I will have a fuller article posted later (and maybe a podcast or video), but I felt the need to get this thought out: Films do not kill people.  Why must this be said? Because article after article makes it sound as though the Muhammad Film is responsible for protests, violence, and murder. Whatever one... Continue Reading →

More Burning Anger

Today, the President admonished Pastor Jones, encouraging him to "listen to those better angels" who recommend not burning the Quran.  There is a united consensus among leaders in America that Pastor Jones should not burn the Muslim books.  Political leaders, religious leaders, media elites have uniformly condemned the act.  I heard this morning that some--including... Continue Reading →

Tough Questions

I don't know of too many folks asking really tough questions when it comes to international affairs and the role of Islamic terror.  Robert Spencer, however, is asking the questions.  Some of the questions he has are these: Why did someone who became interested in the Koran and wanted to serve Allah get involved in... Continue Reading →

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