A Bug’s Life

A bug’s life is now discriminatory.  Apparently, we should rename the movie and re-tool our thinking about bugs.  They aren’t to be thought of as bugs, but beasts.  So, we should think of a beast’s life, instead of a bug’s life.  Does this sound absurd?  Good!  It means there are still human beings left on the planet.

However, if the educational elites in Britain have their way, the future of the human race will diminish into a unitary “beasthood.”  As crazy as it sounds, educators in the UK are advocating tolerance toward insects.  A new school curriculum across the sea instructs children to stop the bug squashing and start respecting ants and roaches with the respect they supposedly deserve.  According the the curriculum, bugs deserve to be classified as “beasts.”  And, apparently, beasts shouldn’t be swatted or stomped.

As this blog post recognizes, these silly reclassifications serve only to diminish humanity.