What’s Next for Christians in America?

A fantastic contrast is displayed in Isaiah 46: the difference between carrying around man-made gods or realizing that God Himself carries mankind through history.  God’s people realize that God alone is Lord and that we are dependent wholly upon Him. He cares for us, and He carries us. He bears our burdens. He begins the... Continue Reading →

3 Simple Ways to Stand for Religious Liberty without Falling for a Political Agenda

In my previous post, I sought to show why it is important for Christians to fight for religious liberty. What are some simple ways Christians can do this without selling out to a political agenda? I thought of 3 simple ways to get the conversation going: Learn. Disciples are learners. Primarily, this learning must be... Continue Reading →

Russell D. Moore: Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone? – WSJ.com

Russell D. Moore: Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone? - WSJ.com. How timely this piece is that Russell Moore wrote for the Wall Street Journal.  Denominations are "dead" according to the article.  In many ways, this dying of denominationalism is a good thing.  However, denominations have a purpose.  Dr. Moore demonstrates that there remains a... Continue Reading →

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