An Important Event You Don’t Have to Miss

Scripture teaches us to make the most of our time because the days are evil. One of the ways to make the most of your time is to invest your time in the church. Why the church? Simply this, the church is the body and bride of Christ. I suspect that you are aware of... Continue Reading →

Tribulation Now for Nigerian Christians

  Usually, I love debating theology and the finer points of Christian doctrine. I am a pastor and a professor; I am supposed to love such things. But there is one aspect of doctrine that tends to provoke my inner Mike Tyson.  I go nuts whenever I see or hear some modern day prophet spewing... Continue Reading →

Christianity Is Not Safe

  Just this week, Christians—including women and children—have been killed in Nigeria on account of Christ.  In all, more than 600 Christians have been killed this year.  Perhaps nowhere on earth is more dangerous for Christians right now than northern Nigeria. Christianity is not safe in Nigeria Emboldened by a Muslim plurality in the north,... Continue Reading →

Is the Nigerian Government Now Persecuting Christians?

Has the Nigerian government gone bad? According to a news report, officials in the Nigerian government have been arrested and are being questioned in relation to the killing of Christians in Kogi state, Nigeria. I am reminded of 1 Samuel 22 and the story of Saul turning against Ahimelech  and the priests because they had... Continue Reading →

About Nigeria

On Saturday, a brother in our congregation is leaving for ministry in Nigeria.  I hope you will take a moment to get familiar with the work going on in Nigeria.  Specifically, I have linked here an information page about Nigeria.  The page tells you about the kind of persecution going on in Nigeria.  Last November,... Continue Reading →

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