Pastor Bike

You have heard of Pastor Bike before, but the latest news is good (though still not great).  On a good note, Pastor Bike has just received a payment for the crimes which were committed against him and his family by the Chinese PSB authorities.  You may remember that Pastor Bike’s son was beaten almost to death.  You can read about it here.

However, there is now a report that Pastor Bike is being watched.  Recently 12 PSB officers came to the home he was visiting and carried him away, putting him on a bus to another province.  So, even though he is free in the sense of not being in prison, he is not free.  You can read of the continued persecution in this report.



Smith and Wolf Good Job

Two Republican congressmen have done the right thing in calling for Secretary of State Rice to take action against the mistreatment of Christians in China.  Particularly in view here is Pastor Bike’s family.  China Aid Association documents the matter on their website. It is worth checking out and voicing your support.  With all the political rancor out there, it is good to see some of our congressmen actually working to serve others.