Are We Asking the Wrong Question About Violent Islam?

In his recent U.N. address, President Barack Obama boldly prophesied that the future would belong to those who do not insult the prophet Muhamad.  I both hope and suspect his is a false prophecy.  The problem with his approach is that it is impossible. Exploring the question of what insults the prophet Mohammed yields answers... Continue Reading →

Christians to Hold Prayer Day for Egypt amid Civil Unrest |

Christians to Hold Prayer Day for Egypt amid Civil Unrest | We should all join in praying for Egypt and especially for the Christians who live there.  They have been oppressed and persecuted for years, and it is not certain what will happen next.   Of course, the Lord knows what will happen next.  May... Continue Reading →

Another Christian Shot

Another Christian was shot and killed in Egypt according to this news report.  It is not yet clear whether this was an act of persecution or murder.  The shooter opened fire on a bus filled with passengers.  It is possible that the bus was targeted because it was from a Christian village.  The news report... Continue Reading →

We’ll See How This Goes

Not too long ago, Pope Benedict got the whole world in an uproar by suggesting that Islam has a violent past and should, rather, focus on establishing relations with others by way of reasonable discourse.  Now, he is at it again.  Here's a quote: "Genuine religion ... stands at the base of any authentically human... Continue Reading →

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