Super Bowl Guilty in Sex Trafficking?

Is the Super Bowl responsible for encouraging child slavery and prostitution?  Some believe the Super Bowl is particularly effective for drawing pimps and prostitutes to its mass gathering of maleness.  So, hats off to a group of Southwestern Seminary students who have started “Lose the Chains,” an advocacy group to (once again) fight against slavery... Continue Reading →

Craig’s List (of Sex Traffic)

[First of all, I am back from the Philippines mission; so, I can blog again.  It is good to be home.] According to this New York Times article, Craig's List is a major contributor to the sex trafficking business in the U.S.  I have written about such trafficking in the U.S. before.  My friend Dr.... Continue Reading →

Fatima’s Tale

Fatima's story is a good one; it is filled with hope.  However, her story opens a window through which we might see the awful story of human slave trading which is thriving in some parts of the world.  At 14, Fatima was deposited into the sexual slavery machine... (Keep Reading)

New Law Against Slavery

I am attempting to scoop my buddy, Dr. Mooney, over at SoCal Theologica with this story.  He has been an active opponent of human slave trading.  So far, he has not posted on this exciting development.  Congress has just passed a new law against human slavery in the U.S.  This law has implications for sex... Continue Reading →

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