9 Reasons to Watch the 2014 World Cup

Should Christians Watch the World Cup? The short answer (for me) is “Yes.” Whatever we do, we do all to the glory of God.  Can the 2014 FIFA World Cup be watched to the glory of God?  Each Christian will want to answer that question for himself.  As for me, I have answered the question... Continue Reading →

Who Is Right About Tim Tebow, Me or President Obama?

The NFL season begins in just one month. So, plenty of stories will be generated from how well (or how poorly) Tim Tebow plays.  Getting a jump on the competition, President Barack Obama told a radio audience yesterday that he thought the Tebow trade was a mistake (See President Obama Weighs in on Tebow, Sanchez).... Continue Reading →

Super Glory (Don’t Miss It)

For some, the Super Bowl will slip by with barely a notice.  For the uninitiated, the Super Bowl seems to be the epitome of a hyped-up overemphasis of testosterone in tights.  For others, the Super Bowl is the crowning achievement of the glory of sports.  In the favor of the latter group, fans are paying... Continue Reading →

Should Christians Watch the World Cup?

Should Christians Watch the World Cup? The short answer to the question is “Yes,” provided that we want to and that we can watch it to the glory of God.  Whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, we must do all to the glory of God.  Of course, the issue is whether or not... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Goalie

Tim Howard of the U.S. Soccer team shares his testimony at this site.  I think it is a good and sober testimony of the reality of life in Christ beneath fame, fortune, and competition.  He is obviously a wealthy celebrity to many; yet he does not appear to link his identity to the fleeting pleasures... Continue Reading →

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