Does Religion Lead to War? (God Is Not the Problem)

One of the great advantages of reading news online is the benefit of immediate feedback. The comment section is like an instant collection of letters to the editor.  While reading through such comments recently, I came across an all-too-common refrain: “Stop killing in the name of god. If religious zealots could just learn tolerance, we’d... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Dilemma

Christians are in an awful dilemma in Sri Lanka.  As is the case everywhere, Christians abound in good works such as feeding the poor and providing for widows and orphans.  The problem in Sri Lanka is that the parliament is considering a bill which would punish with fines and imprisonment anyone who attempts in anyway... Continue Reading →

Urgent Action Sri Lanka

The following alert comes from the Jubilee Campaign.  I encourage you to take action. Greetings! An Anti-Conversion Bill was presented yesterday, cloaked in secrecy, for a second reading to the Sri Lankan Parliament. It is expected to go up for a Third Reading in February and likely to be passed. The Anti-Conversion Bill would have... Continue Reading →

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