The Apple and the Floodgate

Wesley J. Smith asserts that the Obama move on funding embryonic stem cells is akin to taking another bite from the forbidden fruit.  Indeed, he interacts extensively with an article from the New York Times which he believes cries out for a further devouring of forbidden and foreboding fruits of destruction.  (See here)

Dr. R. Albert Mohler refers to the move by Obama as an opening of the floodgates.  The metaphor here signifies an opening which will lead to a rapid display of pro-death actions against human beings, particularly against humanity in its nascent form.  (See here).

It matters not which metaphor we employ; the point is clear.  Barack Obama now owns personal responsibility for the destruction of human life in its most fragile form.  The weight of such responsibility is immense, and I am praying for Mr. Obama to understand the weight, the burden, and the opportunity.  We should pause and pray for him, as he will be held accountable for such decisions.

I can assure you that I am angered by the arrogance he displayed in taking a cheap shot at the supposed “ideological” position of President Bush.  President Bush’s position was a well-informed one, which included an earnest desire to respect both science and ethics.  Obama–though he said we must respect the ethical side–gave no indication that he has any respect for ethical concerns.  He not only re-initiated funding for failed attempts at using embryonic stem cells, but he also took a separate action at the same time to thwart funding for the responsible stem cell research that has been working.  So, Obama’s position is far inferior to Bush’s.  His position does not reflect good science or good faith attempts to respect both sides.  His decision is MERELY ideological. (see here)

Still, we are to pray for those in positions of authority, for kings and rulers.  He is our president.  He should have our prayers.  Part of our prayers would be that he would awaken to the reality that death and destruction is the result of his decision.  May he awaken to grace and life and hope in Christ.

Follow Up Example

My last post was an example of one of the consequences of abortion: muddled thinking about the value of human life. One reader who commented sort of helped point out what I am trying to say.  I have linked an article here that explains why this is no time for us to have muddle-headed thinking.  We live in a day of increasing possibilities as it relates to creating and destroying human life.  Answering questions of life wrongly can lead only to death.