Why Is It So Hard to Study Persecution?

If you want to find out about the extent persecution is affecting Christians around the world, you certainly can. There are a number of ministries and agencies tracking persecution around the world.  But the research varies dramatically from one source to the next. Accurate research on persecution is not easy to obtain for several reasons.... Continue Reading →

Living Up to My Name

The website (like my email) refers to me as "Doc" Cochran.  The reason I picked this name is that I have known for some time that the Lord was calling me to further study, including study to the point of earning the PhD.  I believe I have now accomplished that task.  I must only complete... Continue Reading →

Honor Explaining the Fear

I thought I would offer a brief biography of the men who served as my supervisory committee for the Ph.D.  I post this information as a way of honoring these men and explaining why I was so afraid of them!  I hold them in very high esteem, and I am still having trouble believing they... Continue Reading →

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