Tom White: What Happened (and What Might We Learn)

Tom White has been the face of Voice of the Martyrs for the past two decades. With Tom White as its head, the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs increased exponentially.  What will happen next to that ministry is in the Lord's hands (which is the best place for it to be). The tragic details... Continue Reading →

7 Pounds

The newest movie by Will Smith, 7 Pounds, not unlike I Am Legend, deals substantively with the human dilemma.  Specifically, Smith portrays a man who has unexpectedly come face with face with the frailty of the human condition.  Death comes suddenly, and he is unprepared for its arrival. As a result, Smith (not his name... Continue Reading →

Choice Is Abandonment

I link a blog here which describes two different stories concerning our pro-choice culture.  In the one story, a woman dies after drinking anti-freeze.  In the other story, a man loses his arm.  In both stories, the medical community is unsure of how to respond to people in need.  It seems the freedom to choose... Continue Reading →

Doctors of Death

There is an inextricable link between abortion (the idea that a human life at an early stage of development can be destroyed for the sake of convenience) and our present culture's fascination with death. Where abortion was supposed to clean up the back alley butcher shops, in reality, it only moved butcher shops into mainstream... Continue Reading →

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