All Nations? Really?

According to the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20), Christians, as they are going, are to make disciples of all nations.  This command is rooted in the sovereign authority of Christ: All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Christ. So, in faithfulness to the Great Commission, Christians in Korea are sending out missionaries to all nations.  The problem with this missionary activity is that it puts people at risk.  Christians are sometimes killed or kidnapped when they go into “all nations.”  Presently, Christians from Korea are being kidnapped and killed for their faith.  Some Koreans don’t like the exposure of these Christians.  One major newspaper in Korea has chastised Christians for taking unnecessary risks.  A quote found in the story from CT is found below [Click here for full story]:

“It is simply futile for Koreans to engage in missionary or other religious activities in a country like Afghanistan… Religious groups should realize once and for all that dangerous missionary and volunteer activities in Islamic countries including Afghanistan not only harm Korea’s national objectives, but also put other Koreans under a tremendous amount of duress.”

What do you think?

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