Gays and Greens

Jim Naugle has himself in a bind.  He is the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and he has taken a stand against promoting the homosexual lifestyle.  He believes the prevalence of homosexual interaction on the beaches is hurting the community and its image.  The local visitors and tourism department disagrees.  They have levied their own attack—against the mayor.  Apparently, gays are a lucrative tourism market, and those who are in Ft. Lauderdale for income may face negative cash flow if the homosexual tourist population decides to take their green to another beach.  What might you do if you were the mayor, thinking about equal rights and privileges, the good of the community, faithfulness to God’s calling, etc?

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  1. This one is a bit difficult. A bit…… sandy, maybe? I think it would be helpful to consider other laws made for public recreation. Nudity and drunkenness are not allowed on beaches because they make the environment unsafe or uncomfortable for the majority of people. The mayor could apply these same standards to homosexual interaction. If this behavior made the majority of people uncomfortable at a beach, it would be fitting to prohibit the behavior. Increased revenue is not reason enough to fight for the continuing of controversial beahvior. If a wealthy nudist colony pranced in and set up camp at Huntington Beach, the tourism department (I would hope) would not allow them to stay because of the green they brought. Why? Because the majority of people would no longer desire to be there. It may be in Ft. Lauderdale that the majority would despise such a ruling and would welcome free expression on public beaches. If that be the case, so be it. Taking a stand against homosexual interaction on public beaches is not faithfulness to God’s calling. Faithfulness to God’s calling is taking a stand against homosexual interaction everywhere, with a desire to see them turn from their sin and embrace Christ. Christians ought to see these beaches as mission fields. These are people who are in open rebellion to God’s law and need to know the mercy of Christ. They ought to be confronted in love, grace, and wisdom with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as each one of us once was. They need to be lured to the much sweeter pleasures of delight in God.


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