Can Evolution Explain Football?

What a good night for football.  After a long day which included some frustration time with a few rotten kids at soccer practice, I was more than looking forward to relaxing with our dear neighbors and watching the kickoff of the NFL season.  Besides being able to watch Peyton and Marvin Harrison in classic form for the 41-10 routing of the Saints, I was also able to watch our local Louisville Cardinals fight off the Appalachian State-wanna be’s from Middle Tennessee, who were able to score 42 points and yet still lose by 16.  And, as if that weren’t enough, I was able to enjoy the ham, cheese, apples, pineapples, chips, salsa, etc., etc., etc., that Merrill had spread out for us, filling the kitchen table with both colors and smells fantastic. It was a good night for football.  This morning, I read again the creation story from Genesis, and I was left with a nagging question: Can evolution explain football?  I know that is not exactly the question raised in Genesis; still, it is a question.  You know, the old version of “red tooth and claw” evolution might explain football as a lingering reminder of the brute forces in control of the survival of the fittest.  But most evolutionists nowadays are as squeamish as the PETA people when it comes to such talk. Lest they be thought of in categories more suited for Michael Vick, they have abandoned such vile and brutish vernacular for the seemingly milder-toned and more palatable “survival to reproduce” verbiage.  But it doesn’t seem to work.  These men make millions of dollars which fans and owners pay them because they think they might be able to win a trophy which no one really gets to own in the end.  What has any of this to do with reproduction?  Are rodents really surviving to seek such an end?  It doesn’t quite make sense.

What do you think?

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