Must We Wait to See?

Can we trust science?  We are supposed to trust scientists to give us answers about the world, about ourselves, and about the future.  But science cannot offer any answers about the future for the simple reason that science is the observation of things as they are; science cannot know—or even predict—the future.  Yet, many scientists insist that we must trust the future to them.  One such example comes from Harvard professor John Halamka of Harvard medical school.  Listen to his claim:

“The only way we’re going to figure out how to deal with the privacy, legal, moral, and medical implications of having our genomes sequenced is to have somebody do it, and see what happens.”

Is this true?  Must we try everything and then decide whether it is good or not?  Must we simply wait and see?  Thank God we have some answers which do not require waiting for scientific investigation.  The best answers, it turns out, come from God Himself, who teaches us that we are human beings created in His image and for His glory.

What do you think?

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