When Justice Is Not an Option

What would you do if your government raped your wife, your daughter, or another woman acquaintance of yours?  Imagine the government military officers forcibly kidnapped women and did what they wanted.  You aren’t allowed to own a gun or to defend her from the government in any way.  You feel helpless.  What would you do?  Suppose that you are a Christian.  How would you respond?  This is the situation of the Chin people in Myanmar (Burma) right now.  Not only the Chin, but also the Karen and Karenni people of Myanmar are part of the group facing the brunt of government atrocities and brutalities.  (There are non-Christians suffering, too).  The Chin, Karen, and Karenni groups are overwhelmingly Christian, and they are suffering horrendous persecution by the government of their country; it isn’t possible to appeal for justice, since those who are supposed to administer justice are the very ones committing the heinous acts.  Last week, dozens, if not hundreds, of people were killed by the Myanmar military government because they took a stand opposing these crimes against humanity.  We must pray for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar and ask God to help them know how to respond in a way that will glorify Him and strengthen them.

One thought on “When Justice Is Not an Option

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  1. I think you answered the question in the last sentence of your post. We must pray. We must pray that the perfect Judge would administer justice and would rescue the innocent. We must trust that the Sovereign of creation is working all things together for the good of His children. We must know that He is all-wise and will one day display His perfect justice in the condemnation of the wicked and His wondrous mercy in the glorifying of the saints.


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