Lynn’s Bathroom Dilemma

In honor of one of my all-time favorite Yankees, I am posting a blog from Lynn today.  Here is the story as Lynn reads it.  (She’s gonna kill me for doing this, by the way):

“Okay, here’s a good one for you.  I just read a Fox news article about
a lesbian suing a restaurant because they bounced her out of the
woman’s bathroom.  They thought she was a man, which she of course was trying to look like.  She thinks they have gender issues.

Here’s the question……..why was she so offended?  Shouldn’t that be
a compliment?  And why doesn’t she use the men’s room?  So she wants to
celebrate her sexual femininity but be masculine in gender.  Which
bathroom should she use?

Problem solved!  Unisex bathrooms…..yes, I know there are places
already solving this confusion.  If she/he wins this court case rest
assured we will all be using public nongender confusing toilets in a matter
of years.

Bottom line:  it all comes down to some simple plumbing, she is what
she is.

Okay, well, that’s my blog effort for the day.”

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  1. Isn’t it sad how sin can make the simplest issue, like where to take of business, complicated and expensive (court case)? Praise God for hope in Christ.


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