God Has Never Stopped

Pastor Narayan Gowda was not always a pastor.  He was once a Hindu extremist whose job was to persecute Christians.  He took his job seriously.  On several occasions, he led a gang in beating Christians and destroying church buildings and homes.  The Christians knew his name well because of the fierceness of his persecutions against them.


One day Narayan Gowda found a little black Bible in his mother’s house.  A chaplain from the local hospital had given it to her.  Gowda was angry that his mother had a Bible in her home.  He picked it up and began reading it.  He was changed forever by the Word of Christ.  He was delivered from the darkness and brought into the light.  His conversion not only freed him from drug and alcohol abuse, but it also freed him to love the very Christians he once persecuted.  Indeed, Gowda now serves as a co-pastor in the church he once sought to destroy.  Gowda says, “I share the same pulpit as the dear pastor whose church I had demolished.  The joy that fills my life cannot be explained in words as I share my testimony and give the gospel.  All praise and glory be to God, who saved me from the darkness and brought me into His marvelous light.”

What do you think?

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