Destroying the Destroyer

I can’t really say I want you to go to the Huffington Post.  I guess I don’t.  However, there is a post located there today that will probably anger you and cause you to grieve.  The title of the post is “Bush: The Destroyer of Christians.”  In it, Franky Schaeffer–yes, he’s the son of Francis and Edith Schaeffer–blasts President Bush and all evangelicals for being political junkies with a junky theology of “magic” conversions.  Years ago, Franky left the ranks of evangelicalism and went to Eastern Orthodoxy.  He is right that the Eastern Orthodox Church faired much better under Saddam Hussein.  Saddam supposedly allowed the Eastern Orthodox to operate liquor stores in Iraq (because the Muslims were too pure to own the stores, even though they may have been loyal customers).  Now, the whole thing is a mess, and the Eastern Orthodox have been displaced.  This certainly is not good, just as it is not good that the Eastern Orthodox have worked against evangelicals who have tried to evangelize Iraq.  These are not good things, but one can hardly blame George Bush for these failures, and it is certainly irresponsible to charge him with destroying Christians.  Come on, Franky!

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