Baptist Minister…

The whole Baptist preacher thing is getting very old.  I have read many articles concerning the political campaign of Mike Huckabee, and, in every single article, I read that he is an ordained Baptist minister.  Now, why do you think that is such an important piece of information?  My own premise is that it isn’t the Mormon who is being ridiculed because of his religious beliefs; it is the Baptist.  It is one thing to say you are a Christian (all the candidates—including the Mormon candidate—says that), but it is quite another to actually commit yourself to being a Christian.  No other candidate is described by his past vocation like Huckabee.  I’m not complaining about it; I’m just pointing out that there are some who believe it is a severe handicap that Huckabee once pastored a Christian congregation.  This election is defining America in many ways, particularly with Huckabee, Romney, and Obama.  We’ll keep watching.  Huck on the issues.

What do you think?

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