Christians Offended

I don’t know about you, but I get a little bothered when Christians protest because they are offended by something someone said or did.  This story gives the account of an ESPN dinner where one of the speakers got up and shouted profanities against Notre Dame, Touchdown Jesus, and Jesus Himself. 

As I have said before, this is not a violation of our rights; it’s an expression of someone else’s right to free speech.  Is it offensive? Sure.  But it ought not be unexpected or shocking to us.  If they hurled insults at Jesus when he was with the crowds, healing them and feeding them, should we not expect crowds to hurl insults at him today, while he is present thorugh his church? 

As Christians, we understand why there are insults against Christ.  When people shout it out in profane terms, they are merely giving expression to the reality we already know.  We don’t respond by staging a protest and crying, “No Fair.” We don’t win a victory by getting an ESPN reporter fired or suspended for a week.  We win a victory when we, like Christ, suffer the abuse, despise the shame, and take our seat with Christ.  We win a victory when we witness and plead and pray with those who profane the name of Christ.  And we hope to win a victory when the angels of Heaven rejoice at the repentance of that very one who profaned our savior’s name.

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  1. I think this wanted to protest comes from the fact that some Christians forget that all the people in the world don’t love Jesus. Why does it surprise us when non-christians act in non-christian ways? We should be more suprised when non-christians do acts of kindness to strangers or service to people. I get bothered as well. These people would be of better service to tell Jacobson of the God that he has offended and about His Son that is able to reconcile him to this God that he spoke so profanely about on national TV.


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