Conversion Neutrality

Officially, the American Counseling Association [ACA] is neutral as to whether counselors should recommend conversion or reparation therapy to homosexuals.  Unofficially, they are now questioning whether it might not be unethical to recommend conversion therapy to homosexuals.  Here is how the article below states the matter:

 The Ethcs Committee for the ACA had suggested in 2006 that “conversion therapy,” which the committee defined as changing an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, has no legitimate place in counseling and that those who either engage in such counseling or refer clients for this kind of therapy may violate the ACA’s ethics rules… 

The startling point about this article is that no one questions whether homosexuality is “ethical” or not; all involved seem to agree that it is fine.  The problem in question here is whether it is ethical or not to recommend homosexuals seek to mend their ways.  In fact, the ACA seems to think that it is wrong to recommend conversion therapy even for those homosexuals who seek it.  Counselors truly have come along way (in step with the culture) since the 70’s, when homosexuality was considered a mental illness.  I agree that it is not a mental illness.  I disagree that it is a healthy alternative lifestyle.  The entire story is here for your review.

What do you think?

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